Getting fit can mean different things to different people.

For me, it simply meant having the energy I needed to run my businesses properly and enjoy life as much as possible.

Whether, you’re just looking to lose some weight, or are more interested in a complete fitness transformation, the information here should give you some insight into how to get started.

I’m going to cover:

  • Why fitness is important
  • Common pitfalls
  • Measuring calories
  • 10,000 steps

Read on to learn more…

why fitness is important

Fitness is important for your overall well being in almost every area of your life.

This includes your mental health, confidence, increasing your lifespan, improving your relationships, and so much more.

While losing weight to look good is usually everyone’s first goal (myself included), aspiring to the Hollywood standard of “beauty” is not something I would encourage.

When you embark on your fitness journey, of course, you will lose unnecessary weight, but what you will also discover is that your body starts working for you, rather than against you.

This will improve your performance in many other areas too.

However, if you want to enjoy these kinds of results, there are a few fundamentals that you have to get right first.

In the next section, we’ll discuss the common pitfalls many beginners make when trying to get fit.

common pitfalls

The most common pitfalls people make, which stop them from progressing are:

  • Not following a proven plan
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Effort over Consistency
  • Fueling your body incorrectly
  • Recovering badly (or not at all)

Not following a proven plan

Going to the gym and being disciplined with your diet are hard things to do.

And because of this, your mind will always look for an excuse to “skip a day” or “fall off the wagon”.

Following a plan takes away the thought process and makes it mindless.

It removes temptation from the equation so you have no choice but to do the right thing.

If you don’t have a plan, then you will not make a significant change.

If you’re just getting started, you can download my fitness resources below completely free, which should be enough to keep you on track.

Unrealistic Expectations

People think that they will be able to do 1 gym session and immediately look like a model.

Unfortunately, that’s not how biology works.

The reality is that you have to put in at least a month of consistent effort with little to no rewards.

Understand this, and expect it, so you’re not disappointed.

However, once you get through the first 4-6 weeks, good things start happening much more quickly and you will be amazed at your progress!

Effort over Consistency

One massive gym session per week, followed by a huge burger and lots of alcohol is meaningless.

People think they can put in one huge effort every now and then to “keep things ticking over”.

However, all this will do is maintain the current state of affairs.

If you want to see changes, you have to change your habits and routines for CONSISTENCY.

That’s the only way you will see consistent results.

Eating the Wrong Food

Fitness is 80% diet, 20% exercise.

You could be doing everything else right, but if you’re eating out or going to McDonald’s every night, you won’t get anywhere.

Also, many people think they’re “eating healthily” when actually they are not, and therefore they get confused and disheartened.

There’s a lot of misinformation on the internet about what you should & shouldn’t eat.

Download my macros & supplements list for free to see the health foods I eat and what you should be allowed in your kitchen.

Recovering Badly

Finally, your body needs to recover well.

Working out every day in a row can do more harm than good because your body will be continuously depleted of energy.

Good recovery is a combination of diet, efficient workouts and other things like meditation and stretching.

measuring calories

Measuring calories is fundamental when your first getting started.

Most people don’t understand how much food they are eating on a daily basis, and it can be quite a shock when you actually start looking at the numbers!

Modern society encourages us to eat huge portions of high calorie, low nutrient foods which encourage weight gain, which is why you need to stay on top of it.

My favourite app for measuring calories effectively is MyfitnessPal.

Go ahead and download it now and get used to inputting your meals.

10,000 steps

In the beginning, there are two things you need to focus on:

  • Changing your diet
  • Movement

When it comes to movement, don’t worry about going to the gym just yet.

Just commit to getting outside at least once a day and walking 10,000 steps.

You’ll probably be surprised how little you’ve been walking (if you haven’t measured it before), but hitting this milestone each day has been a major part of my fitness journey, and I still do it to this day!

It’s easy to track, every smartphone has a health app that will measure if for you, or you can buy a fitness tracker that is slightly more accurate.


The key takeaway’s here are:

  • Follow a plan
  • Track what you’re eating
  • Get moving

If you do these three things, you will be well on your way to achieving an incredible fitness transformation.

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