Transforming your body is a long process that really involves transforming your lifestyle.

For most, this is a step too far and certainly not necessary if you simply want to have more energy during the day.

However, if you are committed to achieving a total transformation, or training for a specific event, there are some key things that you need to consider in order to be successful:

  • Getting a personal trainer
  • Consistency
  • Customising your plans
  • Total immersion

Keep reading to learn more about my strategies in all of these departments…

getting a personal trainer

Getting a personal trainer was by far one of the most helpful things I did when I was trying to achieve my own fitness transformation.

They can be expensive, but you get what you pay for.

The benefits of a personal trainer include:

  • Knowledge
  • Accountability
  • Done for you workout plans
  • Motivation & support


Professional trainers have most likely achieved their own transformation and helped countless of their clients do the same.

As such, they’ve probably seen most things before and will definitely be able to give you insights that you would not have otherwise had.

Also, if you’re not very experienced in the gym, they will walk you through each exercise step by step, so you avoid any kind of injuries.

It will also allow you to take on more ambitious exercises that you never would have been able to safely attempt otherwise.


Accountability is one of the main benefits of having a personal trainer.

For one thing, you’re paying them, so if you turn up late or miss a session, it hurts your wallet as well as your progress.

Also, money aside, when somebody else is involved it’s just rude to let them down, and as you build a friendship with your trainer you won’t want to undermine that by being a bad client.

Over time, ensuring you always put in the hard graft will keep you consistent, which ultimately leads to better results.

Done for you Workout Plans

If you are not hugely experienced, or you’re training for an unfamiliar goal, you might not know where to start in terms of your training plan.

A personal trainer will take care of that, mapping out exactly what will happen during the training period, as well as mixing up workouts so it doesn’t get boring.

If you are a busy person, with multiple jobs, businesses, or a family to look after, this service is extremely valuable in and of itself.

Motivation and Support

Finally, there will always be times when you want to skip a day or quit altogether.

Good personal trainers will be able to notice this and give you the support you need to keep going when times get tough, so you’re not tempted to give up.

Also, when you’re having a good workout, trainers will know how far they can push you beyond your comfort zone to get the best results.


Consistency is key to achieving any kind of fitness transformation.

If you’re serious about getting results, you have to put away your excuses and put in the work.

There’s no other way forward.

Skipping a session here or there might not seem like a big deal, but they add up over time to your long term detriment.

If you’re serious enough to invest the time, energy and money required to overhaul your life & fitness, always remind yourself why you are doing it, and keep moving forward no matter what.

customising your plans

If you’re chasing after a specific goal, you will need to customise your training so it is aligned with what you want to achieve.

For example, if you want to run a marathon, you need to train running, not just lifting weights.

My advice would be to always integrate some form of gym routine into any exercise programme, even if it’s just once per week, but ensure you include enough specialised training to meet your goal.

total immersion

Total immersion is the final ingredient you need in order to push yourself beyond your previous limits for achieving any kind of transformation.

Ultimately, extreme levels of working out, eating right, and focusing on nothing else other than your goal is not sustainable.

A good strategy is to allocate a specific period of time that you will need to train for, which might be 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, and commit to putting your goal before everything else.

If you do this, you will be able to get the results you want and then resume normal life afterwards while staying in ‘maintenance mode’ until you pick up the pace again.

Long term, it’s all about balance and optimising your health rather than pushing yourself too far, for too long.


Hopefully, this page has given you some insight into what it takes to achieve a full-body transformation.

However, “transformations” mean different things to different people.

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