What IS “YBMB”?

‘YourBodyMeansBusiness is a peak performance programme packed full of years of Angela’s success and knowledge put into a winning formula triad:

  • Transforming Your Body
  • Upgrading Your Mindset
  • Following A Proven Business Blueprint 

So that you can get fit at any age, rapidly progress in your careers, transform your fitness, and launch a wildly successful company.

These three areas are fundamentally linked to one another. If one is neglected, it will undermine the others.

This is the reason why YBMB ties them together under a single programme, so you can benefit from improving all three.

Here’s what you’ll learn when you join today:

Get Lifetime Access to the YBMB Family when you join today!

✔ 50+ Online Modules

✔ 13 Weeks LIVE Coaching with Angela (1.5 hours each)

13 Weeks 1:1 Check-In Calls (30 mins each)

 ✔ 2 Daily LIVE Virtual Workouts Monday to Saturday

 ✔ 1 LIVE Virtual Yoga Session Each Week

 ✔ 1 LIVE Virtual Meditation Session Each Week

 ✔ Dedicated YBMB Coach

✔ 1 Year Access To YBMB Facebook & Whatsapp Groups

✔ Exclusive Networking with YBMB Members

✔ VIP Events

✔ Official YBMB Apparel

✔ 1 Year Access To YBMB Facebook & WhatsApp Groups

✔ Exclusive Networking with YBMB Members

✔ First in Line for VIP Events

✔ Official YBMB Apparel