What IS “YBMB”?

‘YourBodyMeansBusiness’ is the ultimate all-in-one programme to help female entrepreneurs fulfill their limitless potential.

It brings together every lesson from Angela’s 3 fundamental courses:

  • Careers Mastery
  • Fitness Mastery
  • Business Mastery

So that you can rapidly progress in your careers, transform your fitness, and launch a wildly successful company.

These three areas are fundamentally linked to one another. If one is neglected, it will undermine the others.

This is the reason why YBMB ties them together under a single programme, so you can benefit from improving all 3.

When you join, you’ll not only get access to Angela’s fundamental courses, you’ll also get:

  1. 50% discount on the cost of all 3 courses.
  2. Free access to every single event hosted by Angela.
  3. A 1-hour private strategy session with Angela to get you started.
  4. Direct contact with Angela via Whatsapp.
  5. Access to Angela’s network of business associates and high profile entrepreneurs.

Here’s what you’ll learn when you join today:

Careers Mastery

Discover how to rapidly progress your career so you can do something you love, learn high-income skills and create financial freedom.

Introduction To Careers Mastery

Meet Angela for the first time, and understand how to get the most out of this programme. 

The World of Work

Learn how to make sense of the world of work, understand where you are now compared to where you want to be, and the first steps towards success.

Selecting Your Role Models

Understand the importance of role models, and how to pick the right ones based on your individual ambitions & goals.

How To Create Your CV

Discover Angela’s top tips for creating the ultimate CV, and how to customise what you write based on the role you are applying for. Get access to Angela’s tried and tested templates for every type of industry.

Applying For Jobs

Understand how to apply for jobs in the most efficient way, the best ways to interact with recruitment agencies and Angela’s cover letter writing secrets

Interviewing Like a Pro

Never be nervous about an interview again! Learn Angela’s time tested strategies for crushing your interview first time, what to wear, body language, and questions you can ask that will impress any potential employer.

Salary Negotiation

Got the offer? Great! Now learn how to negotiate your salary the right way, and how to lay the foundations for salary increases once you’ve proven yourself in the role.

1st Day At Work

Get rid of those stomach butterflies with Angela’s step by step routine that you can follow to crush your first day in the office!

Integrating With Your Team

Understand how to behave in a new team, the right way to introduce yourself to the company, and east to remember water cooler discussion topics!

Performance Reviews

Never get caught off guard in a performance review again. Use Angela’s proven strategy for passing with flying colours, and using them to negotiate a salary increase or promotion.

Getting Promoted

Discover Angela’s 5 step process for getting promoted, choose the right moment to make your move, and know how to deal with objections if they arise.

Fitness Mastery

Transform your fitness so you look good, feel strong, and have the energy you need to fulfil your limitless potential.

Introduction To Fitness Mastery

Introduction to Fitness Mastery, and learn how to get the most out of this course.

Why Fitness is Important

Understand why fitness is important, how it affects every area of your life, and how it is the building block for success whatever your goals are.

Common Pitfalls

Learn the common pitfalls people face when trying to transform their fitness, and how to overcome them using Angela’s tips & strategies.

How To Measure Calories

Measuring the calories that go into your body is incredibly important, but most people don’t do it or they do it completely wrong. Follow Angela’s methodology to track calories correctly so you’re never hungry and always have enough energy.

How To Monitor Your Weight

Understand when to monitor your weight, why it’s important, and how it fits into your overall fitness transformation.

Meal Plans

What you eat depends massively on what your fitness goals are. Use the exact same meal plans Angela used to lose weight, gain muscle and enjoy limitless energy.


Supplementation is the hidden key to transforming your body in a shorter period of time. Modern foods don’t have enough nutrients in them, so you need to top yourself up. Learn the science behind it and Angela’s favourite brands.

Recovery & Meditation

Recovery is often overlooked by the mainstream fitness industry. However, it is the key to staying consistent and making sure you’re always at peak performance. Learn Angela’s hacks to recovering fast so you don’t fall off the wagon.

Week 1: 10k Steps

Embark on the first week of the rest of your life. Follow Angela’s easy, introductory framework to get your body moving and build momentum towards your fitness goals.

Week 2: Intro To The Gym

Never be afraid of going to the gym again! Follow Angela’s exact workout plans with instructional videos, so you can minimise your time working out and maximise results.

Week 3: Staying Consistent

Now that you’re half-way through, discover Angela’s strategies for making sure you don’t become complacent, and maintaining consistency.

Week 4: Intermediate Gym

Upgrade your gym workouts with some more advanced routines and exercises. Start integrating things like yoga and cardio.

Week 5: Bringing It All Together

Start seeing the results come through as you continue to build momentum and pick up the pace.

Week 6: The Next Level

Take your workouts to the next level, learn Angela’s biohacks for ultimate performance, and push yourself outside your comfort zone.

Welcome To Your New Life

Congratulations! You completed the 6-week programme, but this is just the beginning. You’ve now created a new way of life that will always serve you. Dive into the community groups to share you story and become a mentor to others.

Business Mastery

Learn how to launch a business from scratch, build a winning team and scale beyond 7 figures.

Welcome To Business Mastery

Introduction to Angela & Business Mastery, and learn how to get the most out of this course.

The Big Idea

Refine your idea so it meets your customer’s needs and stress test it before going to market.

Services vs Physical Products

Understand the differences between service businesses and selling physical products, the pros and cons of each, and what fits best with your idea.

Your Ideal Client

Without customers, you don’t have a business. Uncover the thoughts and feelings of your ideal customer, and tailor your product or service to meet their needs.

Funding vs Bootstrapping

Understand the differences between business funding and bootstrapping. Both have pros and cons, and suit different business models in unique ways. Learn how to speak to investors and sell them on your vision.

Essential Spreadsheets

Getting the fundamentals right at the beginning will make or break your success. Here we’ll cover the key metrics you need to track and I’ll give you the exact spreadsheets I use in all my businesses.

Building Your Team

Building a winning team is vital. It’s impossible to do everything yourself, so in this module, you will master the art of outsourcing & delegation so you can focus on cash-generating activities.

MVP: Minimum Viable Product

Done is better than perfect. Learn how to create your minimum viable product, and then trial it with customers to get feedback so you don’t waste months building something you “think” your customers want.

Crafting Your Offer

Even if you have the perfect product or service, you need to give your customers a reason to buy now. Otherwise, people won’t have the urgency they need to take action. In this module we cover Angela’s different types of offers and how they work in different scenarios

Your First Sale

Getting your first sale is exciting, so now that’s exactly what we’re going to do! It’s actually easier than you think, and then you can move onto making them happy so they tell all their friends!

The GIMSFORT Principles

GIMSFORT: My proven framework for building and scaling any business.


Growth: Now you’ve covered the fundamentals, we look at what’s needed to gather momentum and increase revenue.


Innovate or die. If you’re not constantly improving your product, service and offer, as well as the operational side of your business, you will eventually fall behind the competition. Discover Angela’s tips for always staying ahead of the curve.


Marketing is completely different from 2o years ago, and exactly the same. The platforms have changed, but the fundamentals never will. Learn it from the ground up in this module.


Getting leads is great, but not if you can’t turn them into customers. This module is more relevant to service businesses that require follow up calls, but can be applied to physical products as well.


Now your business is up and running, it’s time to look at your finances. Cash flow is king with a new and growing business, so we’ll discuss strategies you can use to ensure you don’t get caught out at the end of the month.


Once everything is working together, the key to growth is optimisation. Profits come from generating more with less, so here Angela shows you the easiest ways to squeeze more out of your bottom line.

Raving Fans

Fans are the lifeblood of your business. Anyone can make a quick sale, but if your customers go away unhappy, you won’t be in business for long. Here Angela will show you how to create Raving Fans who will keep coming back for more.


Trust is the final piece of GIMSFORT, and must be earned by consistently delivering quality. Once you understand this, you’ll have a brand that your customers will never leave.

Get Lifetime Access to the YBMB Family when you join today!