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After carving out a successful career in the corporate arena, Angela made the decision in 2002 to start a business where she could combine her natural entrepreneurialism with her acute business acumen in a manner more closely aligned with the social drivers underlying her business philosophy. MiddletonMurray's roots were initially in recruitment, serving some of the largest and most successful corporations in the country, and has since diversified into apprenticeship and training after detecting a gap in market for underserviced young professionals entering the workplace for the first time. The company now has offices in numerous locations across the UK, employs 120 staff and is headquartered on the Strand in London. Through Angela's leadership, it has experienced growth of more than 400% since 2012 to reach its current valuation of over £30m, winning a range of awards in that time including The Mayor’s Fund for London award for Best Pre-Employment Training and Job Brokerage.

Beyond MiddletonMurray, Angela has built an extensive network of critical business relationships across the industry. As a resourceful and entrepreneurial leader with a proven track record in both business and education, Angela is now a passionate ambassador for the expansion of quality apprenticeships in the UK. She knows how to turn business and career vision into action while remaining focused on strategic goals amid the frustrations of day to day implementation, and has consistently driven successful cultural change through a relentless focus on quality, relationships and outcomes. In 2016, she was selected by Sir Richard Branson as one of twelve panellists on his coveted #Voom programme, which aims to identify the high growth businesses of tomorrow, and was elected to mentor the final contestants in the field of business entrepreneurship.